Field applications are a critical first step for implementation of a digital oil field. Colexas Digital can engineer automation and measurement solutions purpose-built to enhance safety and operations.


Secure centralized monitoring and control of industrial equipment is the driving force behind every high quality SCADA deployment. Combined with intuitive HMI/SCADA interfaces make for much greater productivity.


Analytics and optimization enhance efficiencies and provide insights into production processes. Colexas Digital provides consulting services, drilling production data to recover added value.

Selected Portfolio

Auditing and Compliance
Engineering Department

Colexas Digital investigates measurement and automation processes to ensure data integrity and compliance with API and AGA standards.

Pilots and Assessments
Engineering Department

Colexas Digital evaluates emerging technologies, providing project management, design, and reporting services for their assessment.

Applied Field Technologies
Engineering Department

Colexas Digital implements truck haul and pipeline ticketing, production safety systems, and systems integration to drive production activities.

Remote Monitoring
SCADA Department

Colexas Digital provides consulting and design services for Wonderware, CygNet, and Ignition systems for remote monitoring of critical processes.

Production Analysis
Analytics and Optimization Department

Colexas Digital offers virtual metering, production forecasting, enhanced oil recovery, and predictive analysis to optimize new and existing operations.

Reservoir Management
Analytics and Optimization Department

Colexas Digital analyzes reservoir data and creates reservoir models allowing the operator to extract additional value from an asset.

Markets We Serve

Oil & Gas
Optimized Production

Colexas Digital provides and maintain scalable, cost efficient, and highly available SCADA systems integrated in AWS or Azure environments.

Energy Management

Colexas Digital deploys best in class SCADA communication solutions to manage the complexities of distributed energy resources.

Food & Beverage
Industrial SCADA

Colexas Digital utilizes the latest technologies, allowing for more transparency and control over your operations.

Industrial Automation

Colexas Digital has designed interfaces to control high-performance 6-Axis Robots in automobile manufacturing plants.

Water Systems
Water/Wastewater Management

Colexas Digital has experienced experts who have designed and implemented SCADA systems that manage the operation and maintenance of public water systems.

Enhance Productivity

Colexas Digital provides an innovative approach for monitoring, trending, and control capability to ensure efficient execution of critical tasks.

Our Mission

We understand that any successful business begins with people, not technology. Whether consulting on a business case with clients or providing an environment for professional growth and safe work practices for employees, Colexas Digital strives to set a standard for good conduct and excellent work. At Colexas Digital, people are our most valuable asset.

About Us

The Colexas Digital management team has over 70 years of collective experience delivering value-based solutions for the Texas energy industry. As experts in their respective fields, the management team determined that an opportunity existed for an organization to blend field production technologies with high-bandwidth SCADA systems and analytics expertise to provide solutions for a digital oil field. Merging these engineering disciplines, Colexas Digital assists clients to realize the potential of their assets, optimizing existing and new production processes to enhance safety, efficiency, and value.

Colexas Digital is Ignition 8 Certified and Inductive Automation Integrator.

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